High Quality Dentistry at Your Service

Many dentists talk about providing the highest-quality dental treatment, yet very few actually hold themselves accountable to high standards of quality and patient-focused care. Enter one Dr. Raul Contreras, a dental practitioner who believes that actions speak volumes more than words, and who only seeks out and delivers the best in dental treatment. Dr. Raul Contreras doesn’t just believe that … Read More

Are You Searching for a Great Dentist in Novato?

Great news! Your search for the best in cosmetic and general dental treatment is finally over! Dr. Raul Contreras is the proven leader in Novato, California dentistry, and wants to show you the true meaning of gentle, worry-free dental treatments today. Dr. Raul Contreras concerns himself only with the best care of every patient, and has developed an environment known … Read More

What Do You Get From a Socially Responsible Dentist?

Communities across the country rely on the generous contributions of businesses and professionals to endure. Dr. Raul Contreras understands the value of being an active member of his local community and strives to make a lasting, resounding and positive impact on the lives of people throughout his community. Dr. Raul Contreras has committed both himself and the Modern Dentistry of Novato … Read More

Ready to Straighten Your Teeth With Invisalign?

The Invisalign teeth straightening technology is a popular and effective way for you to get the smile you’ve always wanted. Dr. Raul Contreras, an Invisalign certified dental professional, provides this amazing and revolutionary technology to any patient looking for a viable and painless alternative to traditional metal braces. Invisalign technology makes teeth straightening easier than you ever thought possible. Through … Read More

Combat Anxiety with our Worry Free Dentistry

Anxiety is not an uncommon thing amongst patients visiting the dentist, and Dr. Raul Contreras understands that. A practicing area dentist since 2007, Dr. Raul Contreras has experience with people experiencing multiple levels of anxiety during their dental treatment, which is why he has developed a safe and secure environment that works to ease your fears and mitigate the possibility … Read More

Fix Your Smile With our Permanent Cosmetic Solutions

Dental implants can give a patient with missing teeth a wonderful and more permanent way to restore the beauty and symmetry to their smile. Dr. Raul Contreras is skilled in dental implant technology and surgery, and can help patients with missing teeth gain more confidence and satisfaction with their smiles. Dr. Raul Contreras has always pursued continuing education in the … Read More

Learn How to Enjoy Your Trips to the Dentist

Businesses depend on people to survive, which makes their treatment of paramount importance. Dr. Raul Contreras seeks to treat every patient and customer with the utmost respect, and to provide everyone with the service they need to have an enjoyable and memorable experience. Dr. Raul Contreras is a practicing dentist with the Modern Dentistry of Novato, is a California based … Read More

Get the Perfect Smile and Use it Every Day

You want a beautiful smile that will last, and that’s why the professionals at Modern Dentistry of Novato provide expert dental services that enhance your smile’s beauty while preserving your oral health. Dr. Raul Contreras cares about the quality of the patient experience, and that’s why their well-trained professionals always go the extra mile for each patient. As patients enter … Read More

Relieving Patient Anxiety at the Dentist

Modern dentistry is full of amazing, cutting-edge dental treatments designed to mitigate pain and create a better and faster dental experience. Modern Dentistry of Novato provides nervous and/or overly-anxious patients with effective oral sedation medications that ease their fears and eliminate patient discomfort. Dr. Raul Contreras has been a vital member of the Novato community and has provided numerous patients … Read More

Restorative Dentistry Can Give You the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

There are many ways to improve your smile’s natural appearance, brightness and beauty. The restorative dentistry specialist at Modern Dentistry of Novato offers a variety of smile-enhancing services to improve your confidence and restore your teeth’s natural glow. Dr. Raul Contreras has been serving the community of Novato, California for quite some time. Every patient that receives Dr. Raul Contreras’ … Read More