Fix Your Smile With our Permanent Cosmetic Solutions

Dental implants can give a patient with missing teeth a wonderful and more permanent way to restore the beauty and symmetry to their smile. Dr. Raul Contreras is skilled in dental implant technology and surgery, and can help patients with missing teeth gain more confidence and satisfaction with their smiles.

Dr. Raul Contreras has always pursued continuing education in the latest restorative dental techniques. This, he believes, allows him to provide even better and more precise restorative dentistry to his patients, and to enhance not only the reputation of the Modern Dentistry of Novato, but to create a more fulfilling and far more memorable patient experience. Dr. Raul Contreras has striven to learn to latest in dental implant technology because he understands that improvements and innovations are being made in the field of dentistry every day, and he wants he patients to have access to these innovations as soon as possible.

Dr. Raul Contreras is known for his patient-focused approach, something that is reflected in his effort to find newer and better ways to improve treatment, experience, and quality. Dental implants, he understands, can be a highly transformative tooth replacement method, one that can dramatically impact a patient’s confidence and happiness for many years to come.

Dr. Raul Contreras has sought and achieved a better overall dental experience for the patient. Both he and his staff are at the cutting-edge of cosmetic dentistry, and continue to deliver high-quality, more permanent solutions to patients seeking a better-looking and more impactful smile. Dr. Raul Contreras is one of the best and most respected professional dentists in the community of Novato, California.