Relieving Patient Anxiety at the Dentist

Modern dentistry is full of amazing, cutting-edge dental treatments designed to mitigate pain and create a better and faster dental experience. Modern Dentistry of Novato provides nervous and/or overly-anxious patients with effective oral sedation medications that ease their fears and eliminate patient discomfort.

Dr. Raul Contreras has been a vital member of the Novato community and has provided numerous patients with tailored and effective restorative dentistry that forever changes the way people feel about their smiles. Each patient has the option of effective oral sedation, which helps to relax the patient and make their procedure as smooth and efficiently as possible. Oral sedation is safe and has been proven to eliminate anxiety and discomfort for many dental patients. It is the hope of the Dr. Raul Contreras team to provide every patient with a high-quality and friendly experience; one that will forever impact the way people feel about dentistry.

People with high dental anxiety have a friend in Dr. Raul Contreras. As a professional and experienced dental treatment provider, Dr. Raul Contreras employs a team of high-qualified professionals who take the time to listen to every patient. Patients who commonly experience a high level of anxiety about the dentist are offered oral sedation, which always puts the comfort of the patient first.

Modern Dentistry of Novato go to great lengths to make every patient feel as safe and comfortable as possible. Their attentive and friendly professionals deliver quality treat in a warm dental environment.