Restorative Dentistry Can Give You the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

There are many ways to improve your smile’s natural appearance, brightness and beauty. The restorative dentistry specialist at Modern Dentistry of Novato offers a variety of smile-enhancing services to improve your confidence and restore your teeth’s natural glow.

Dr. Raul Contreras has been serving the community of Novato, California for quite some time. Every patient that receives Dr. Raul Contreras’ dental treatment can feel secure in the knowledge that they are receiving the best quality restorative treatment in the entire Novato area. Patients have a variety of treatments to choose from, all of which are performed by friendly and attentive professionals who seek to provide the fastest and most effective treatment possible.

Dr. Raul Contreras is qualified to provide high-quality dental implant surgeries. Dental implants help provide patients with a strong foundation for beautiful teeth replacements that will provide years of enjoyment. Dr. Raul Contreras also offers low pain gum procedures with the help of advanced laser technology. The modern gum surgery method provides a precise and effective treatment for gum disease, and can help patients restore their oral health.

Dr. Raul Contreras is a skilled dental professional who also offers veneers, porcelain crowns and cutting-edge Invisalign services. Each of these restorative methods can have a near-immediate impact on the quality of your smile, creating a brightness, sheen and beauty that drastically improves your smiles look and restores your confidence.

Dr. Raul Contreras is trusted by many patients to provide high-quality and comfortable care. His staff is trained to meet and exceed clients’ treatment expectations, and every patient is provided fast and friendly service.