What Do You Get From a Socially Responsible Dentist?

Communities across the country rely on the generous contributions of businesses and professionals to endure. Dr. Raul Contreras understands the value of being an active member of his local community and strives to make a lasting, resounding and positive impact on the lives of people throughout his community.

Dr. Raul Contreras has committed both himself and the Modern Dentistry of Novato to active community involvement, delivering on the promise to be an influential and effective voice for good and community strength. Through the donations of clothes and toys to needy children, Dr. Raul Contreras has made a concerted effort to show support for the less fortunate in his community. His practice has also made substantial donations of dental hygiene products to struggling populations in South America, as well as to local women’s shelters that provide much-needed support and protection to victims of abuse.

Dr. Raul Contreras and his practice have sponsored local youth sports teams, as well as events that promote local youth education and events. He is tirelessly working to make a tangible difference in young people’s lives and has done this through generous contributions of both his time and supplies to those in need.

Dr. Raul Contreras supports the United States military through contributions of dental hygiene products, and is proud to provide our fighting men and women with the supplies they need to maintain good oral health. He chooses to maintain a socially responsible business model, one that makes both charity and community involvement an integral part of his practice’s operation.