Learn How to Enjoy Your Trips to the Dentist

Businesses depend on people to survive, which makes their treatment of paramount importance. Dr. Raul Contreras seeks to treat every patient and customer with the utmost respect, and to provide everyone with the service they need to have an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Dr. Raul Contreras is a practicing dentist with the Modern Dentistry of Novato, is a California based practice that provides top-notch cosmetic and restorative procedures to people of the surrounding area. As the head of Modern Dentistry of Novato, Dr. Raul Contreras goes the extra mile to ensure that every patient has the best dental experience possible. He employs and works with one of the best and most skilled dental teams in Novato to maintain a high-level of comfort and relaxation for every patient.

Dr. Raul Contreras is always searching for ways to improve on his patients’ experience, and works to empower his staff with the training and the skills necessary to make sure a quality experience is always delivered. Customer focus is his number one value, which is why every patient is given attentive service by gentle and compassionate dental professionals. Dr. Raul Contreras is a different kind of dentist, one interested more in the value of the patient experience rather than profit or the bottom line. He knows the keys to creating a successful and enduring practice, and strives to uphold strong patient service values at every opportunity.

Dr. Raul Contreras knows how important trust is to the patient-doctor relationship, which is why he seeks to establish that trust from the get go. If you are in need of a high-quality restorative treatment designed around your needs, give Modern Dentistry of Novato a visit today.