Combat Anxiety with our Worry Free Dentistry

Anxiety is not an uncommon thing amongst patients visiting the dentist, and Dr. Raul Contreras understands that. A practicing area dentist since 2007, Dr. Raul Contreras has experience with people experiencing multiple levels of anxiety during their dental treatment, which is why he has developed a safe and secure environment that works to ease your fears and mitigate the possibility of anxiety.

Oral sedation medication is just one way that Dr. Raul Contreras and his team work to make patients feel as safe, calm and secure as possible. They understand that not everyone looks forward to a dental visit, though they also know visits to the dentist are necessary in the fight for a patient’s oral health. Through friendliness, sedation and a commitment to attentive care, the Dr. Raul Contreras team provides compassionate and personalized dental care that mitigates fear, reduces anxiety and improves the overall patient experience.

Dr. Raul Contreras wants your next experience to be worry-free, which is why he provides a fun and relaxing environment for everyone. The professional care of people who are truly invested in the patient experience is what you get through Dr. Raul Contreras and the best dental team in the Novato area.

You too have the opportunity to experience worry-free dentistry. The dental experts at the Modern Dentistry of Novato have the technology, tools, technique and the care necessary to provide the smoothest dental experience possible. Dr. Raul Contreras wants everyone to have the benefit of worry-free and comfortable dentistry, and strives to make everyone feel as safe and as at-home as he can.