Are You Missing a Tooth? Discover Your Options Here

A missing tooth can be a threat to both the health and the appearance of your smile. Though traditional tooth replacement methods are available to correct the problem of a missing tooth, the dental implant treatments offered by Dr. Raul Contreras provide a better and more permanents solution to tooth loss than ever before. Dental implants are a great way to restore your smile to its fullest potential.

Dr. Raul Contreras provides the dental implant technology because he simply wants patients to have the benefit of tooth permanence. By surgically implanting a foundation into the bone of the affected area, Dr. Raul Contreras creates a sturdier and more effective basis for tooth replacement. Each dental implant he offers gives patients the confidence in knowing they never have to worry about losing their tooth replacement ever again.

The dental implant alternative has been one of the best innovations in tooth replacement technology in many years, which is why Dr. Raul Contreras has pursued and received the training on this amazing replacement method. He has always simply wanted every patient to have the best, and his unrelenting pursuit of continuing education and dental knowledge has helped him grow his practice into one of the best in Novato and beyond.

Dr. Raul Contreras is a smile expert, yet he understands that there is always more out there to be learned concerning cosmetic and restorative care. By taking steps to learn about dental techniques and technology, such as the powerful and effective dental implant treatment, Dr. Raul Contreras is able to consistently stay ahead of the competition.