What is a dental implant, and why do I need one?

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Few things can boost confidence like a full, beautiful smile. Gaps in your teeth can be embarrassing, not to mention an obstacle to functions such as chewing food. Thankfully, modern dentistry has provided a solution: the dental implant. A dental implant is an artificial tooth, that for all intents and purposes, can be a real tooth. Implants look and feel … Read More

Porcelain Teeth


Porcelain is a type of ceramic that has been around for almost 2,000 years. It’s commonly referred to as “fine china”, since the Chinese were the first ones to create it. For most of that time, it was used to make beautiful pots, kitchenware, and artwork. But around the year 1900, it started being used to create something else beautiful: … Read More

How do you care for your new dentures? 

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So you just got dentures, restoring your smile to the beauty that it once was. Dentures are a great way to not only bring back your smile, but your confidence as well. However, just like teeth, dentures also require constant care and maintenance. If you think dentures are a way to cut down on dental hygiene and trips to the … Read More

The History of Root Canals

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Root canals (or more technically known as endodontic therapy) is a procedure in which the infected innards of a tooth are removed and replaced with synthetic material that protects against further infection. Today, this procedure is routine and results in mild discomfort. The discomfort is nothing compared to allowing an infected tooth to stay, though. A root canal is made infinitely … Read More

The 3 Best Reasons to Floss

Dental Floss

We’ve all been there: in the dentist’s chair when we get the question, “have you been flossing?”. You now have to make a decision; do you stretch the truth and count the one time you remembered to floss four months ago to avoid shame, or just look the hygienist straight in the eye and lie through your (unflossed) teeth? Most … Read More

How to know if you have sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a dangerous sleep condition that can stop your breathing without you even knowing it. Diagnosing yourself with sleep apnea can be tricky. The only time that you exhibit symptoms is when you are, of course, asleep. The best method of determining if you have it is to have someone (such as your significant other) watch for these … Read More

A New Look to a Familiar Face

  We have many patients coming in looking for a whiter smile or straighter teeth. They want their smile to reflect their best self. This makes perfect sense since so many of us use a smile as a way to perceive others. Modern Dentistry of Novato wanted to do the exact same thing as many of our patients want, a … Read More

Straighten Your Teeth Through the Power of Invisalign

By now, most people are aware of the amazing benefits of the Invisalign teeth-straightening technology, the easy and effective alternative to the bulk and discomfort of the traditional metal brace method. Invisalign-certified dental practitioner Dr. Raul Contreras knows that while this amazing technology may not be for everyone, the Invisalign plastic aligner method is one of the best orthodontic alternatives … Read More

Are You Missing a Tooth? Discover Your Options Here

A missing tooth can be a threat to both the health and the appearance of your smile. Though traditional tooth replacement methods are available to correct the problem of a missing tooth, the dental implant treatments offered by Dr. Raul Contreras provide a better and more permanents solution to tooth loss than ever before. Dental implants are a great way … Read More

A Smile is an Opportunity

A smile is more than just a smile to Dr. Raul Contreras, it’s an opportunity. Every smile, every patient he encounters is an opportunity to provide more than just great dental treatment. It’s the chance to build a relationship, to cultivate patient loyalty through trust, listening and fast and effective service. Dr. Raul Contreras knows how important your smile is … Read More